Monday, July 8, 2013

Blog Move!

Hi Everyone!

I kind of fell off the bandwagon with updating my blog! Sorry about that!

Next year I'm moving to Kindergarten! I made a new blog for all my kindergarten-ness: Kinder Colors!

I'm hoping to post a lot more and even make a few more products this coming year. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MLK and Magnets

Hi everyone! It's time for a real post about what we're doing in class!
We spent last week learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and finished up by watching his "I Have a Dream" speech today. Last week we read lots of MLK books and made these cute TLC Martins!
TLC Martin Luther Kings
We also did some writing about Martin:

I introduced the word "segregation" and told them they would get bonus points if they used it in their writing. I was pretty impressed! 
Paper source: Teacher Bits and Bobs

We also just started our second major science unit on magnets. I must admit that this is not my favorite unit... but I found this awesome project through Pinterest and decided that it would make the lesson a lot more fun!

Idea source: Christina Bainbridge thank you!

 I hung everything up last week and the room looks so festive now! I just love the Martins watching over us :)

I also wanted to share my Letter and Number cards from our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. I LOVE them and the kids love them too! They love seeing the pictures in their handwriting workbooks. Today we did "f" and they were so excited to see the fish on the Ff card! If you teach HWT, I would definitely recommend these cards. ONE GRIPE: My pack was missing #9! I opened it up and there were two #8 cards and zero #9 cards. I've contacted them about this and they are working to find me a 9! [insert joke about "seven-eight/ate-nine"]

Last night I was updating my Google Calendar with all of my events and happenings for February. February is ALWAYS SO BUSY. We basically have the 100th day, Chinese/Lunar New Year, and Valentine's Day all in the same week. On top of that, it's Dental Health Month AND we have midwinter break for President's Day and the day after (not really a break, but I'll take whatever days I can get :)) In addition to all of those things, I have lots of trainings and staff studios in February (well 2, but that's a lot for one month!). Phew! I'm trying not to think too much about it--I'm just trying to be really on top of things so I don't fall behind :) I'm on the lookout for fun Chinese New Year activities though!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Number Word Posters

Hi everyone! Long time, no blog! Things have been busy in Room 11!
I wanted to post my very first item for purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers.... my Number Posters! We've been working with numbers to 20 in our Math in Focus curriculum and I wanted to create clean posters with the number word, tens frames, and the base ten blocks. I also wanted to have posters to display numbers greater than 20 (I only went to 25, but it shows how twenty-five is written).

Head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to purchase!

I will definitely try to take more pictures this week! We've been learning about Martin Luther King and we've been reading The Mitten! Lots of fun projects to come! Stay tuned :)